Toledo Firefighters Museum

Preserving the History of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department

  Donated by Rhonda Charles

Donated by Rhonda Charles

Henry S. Plowman was a DC firefighter who died due to cancer as a result of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. His name was placed above James Dickman and Stephen Machcinski on the National Memorial. Plowman's sister, Rhonda Charles, who had possession of the items shown above, met with our Public Educator, and donated the items to the Toledo Firefighters Museum for display. The showcase can be found on the second floor in the alarm office/locker room.

The medallion and light shown above are from Old Station 15, 221 S. Fearing at Airline. The equipment was removed from the building by active and retired firefighters, and was repainted at the fire museum. You can find it on the apparatus floor on the east wall near the stairs.

1929 Pirsch

The 1929 Pirsch pumper was recently added as a display at the Toledo Firefighters Museum after years of restoration. The pumper served at Old Station 19 at the corner of Stickney and Ketcham. The pumper is at the rear of the apparatus floor on the east side.


Recently, the upstairs locker room began renovations of the static displays. The first of those displays that was completed holds these uniforms. The uniforms on the left are currently used, as well as the uniforms in the center. The uniforms on the right are historical and out of service.

Captain Jim Fraser.jpg

Captian James Fraser died in the line of duty while at the King-Quale Elevator incident in 1894. The story of Captian Fraser was commemorated by his descendant, Doug Tracy, through books, music, and an historical marker that stands at the location of the incident in what is now Promenade Park in downtown. You can find this display, and learn his story, on the east wall of the apparatus floor near the stairs.